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the problem is less simple, and the surgeon must be guided by general
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drawing was made the morbid process stopped at the orifice of the
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skin symptoms. One may write " lichenoid skin symptoms" advisedly,
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inflammation being elsewhere, and not to the time at which the corneal
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Frankel and Predohl [Munchener med. Wochenschrift, 1890, No. 2) pub-
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While surgery seems the rational treatment for chronic ulcer, still
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tion of intestine, to define the spur and guide the cutting instru-
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23d, yet she had 23 per cent, more haemoglobin April 23d, and was
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At a recent meeting of the New York State Medical Society
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the one hand, and was misleading in addition. Often a patient will
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miseries of tingling, formication, and numbness, so common in the limbs of
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stand. In March, 1918 she was free from pain, except that occasionally
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this is not covered by compulsory health insurance. Industrial
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and some of these, notably Duncan's, should probably be classed as successful.
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canal to enter the modiolus, and which are thus compromised or destroyed to
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literature. Traumatic mastoiditis is a recognized result of infec-
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Very few of Dr. Billings's definitions have authority against them.
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which the morbid fear may be overcome, but should not be forced to go
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is placed three-quarters way up and may be used for gall bladder
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ingly. A microscopical examination should identify epithelial cells
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am under deep obligations for suggestions and helpful criticism
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the country in fewer hands is increasing; and that a very small
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with the pathological findings and a clinical analysis made to
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artificial product, and succeeded in isolating the impurity in the form of a
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implanted in the sigmoid by lateral anastomosis. Adhesions were
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expectorated, and in the venous engorgement and the character of the
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doctor noted any displacement causing deformity that could be seen in
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ure, the result of a specific cause, to receive the same treatment
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he can be divided. There are two classes which have been recog-
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It should be immediately poured into a test tube or bottle containing
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for that work of digestion, that is hydrochloric. Pepsin is sel-
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occiput half-way between the foramen magnum and superior curved

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