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tially relieving the over-distension of the vessels. Following

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foetal life and the vindication of the character of the profession on

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but those of humanity at large.- Although their opportunities

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case does well, the tenderness will be markedly improved

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^ Halban, J. : Zent. f. Gvn., 1915, x.\xi.\, p. 409.

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carefully examined w r hen opportunity did offer. My friend Dr.

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negro with a very large tumor of the first portion of the axillary, rather

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reduction. If the piles have been down for some time and are inflamed or

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Now, as to the two points of practice in my case, the wedging of the catheter

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cess, and now the interesting question arises, At what

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disease has disappeared. Beside cardiac and organic

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uterus was pressed upon, and irritated as much as possible through

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limp had become more pronounced. The right leg is colder than the

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of this work the author has assumed the tract ma to be a pathway connecting the

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Unfortunately, RoUins's cautions were ignored, per-

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less treasures out of sight, that the pursuit of them might stimulate

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ing swellings in the neck. In the case of a man sent to the

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If, in addition to these simple and natural remedies, a laxative is

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auf das Auge. Klin. jMonatsbl. f. Augeub., Stuttg., 1884,

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and plethoric, and flower and lefs fevere in the weak, the old,

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and feeble. With the most painstaking care the person and bedding

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lation at that point. Or, if the irritation was supposed to be

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to 103^ The dressings became disarranged and soaked with

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more venomous than that of the kitten, arises from the claws of

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