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The hydrated oxide of ethyl. Obtained by. submitting a solu-

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protection from external irritation. The band may be

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educational center; and Hanyang is the seat of the largest manu-

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knowledge, so much resourcefulness, so much character, and so

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puberty, when the trouble began. A third case was that of a

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come violent opponents of a law Hke the present, which*

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tion of this condition, no doubt, is that the bowel above the

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which was not immersed in the freezing mixture, but evacuated under the same

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quiet )'0u avoid the danger of rapid extravasations, and

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in the abdominal region ; the pains and cramps entirely disappeared. For

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loricated animalcules in the volvox globator, (Fig. 1. A) so common in

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coins, artificial teeth and their plates, peach pits, pins,

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existence on the mucous membrane of the throat and alimentary canal,

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the antitoxin on the blood. A further evidence of sep-

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injection of Hamamelis, directed by Dr. S. before my arrival.

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perfectly amazing for any fair-minded, practical physician to

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has been able to obtain these bodies described by Pfeiffer from

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threats before the meeting, they dared not come out

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To apply for your MoneyMatiCard. plecise supply the infor-

anti-fungal shampoo containing chlorhexidine miconazole or ketoconazole

3. Sequel to a Case of Endo-laryngeal Removal of a Myxomatous

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fessor of surgery; and Dr. Alfred S. Evans, director

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be due to numerous causes, among which may be mentioned hemor-

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continue the drug under careful observation (Figs. 15 and 16). This

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DOLLARS AND A HALF per annum, payable in advance. Single volumes, $1 50 each.

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osseous or otherwise, do not by any means after your blood clot has become thorough-

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to say what was its microbe, and to demonstrate its presence in the

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Rev., N. Y., V. 17 (3), June, p. 153. [W% W°^, W.]

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of jays, magpies, kestrels and sparrow-hawks. Such a keeper's gibbet

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dorsal displacement of distal fragment, in both of which the comers

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guished individual, laboring under an attack of glossitis

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