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add to a collection of 99 such cases, made by Knobloch in 1890, no fewer
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William Tully, M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics.
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diarrhea, and vomiting for six weeks. At autopsy there was found a
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of persons whose attention is directed to the sexual organs with reference
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I have made use of Blennostasine with the following results:
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fessional or the public mind, in this city on this subject.
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of cysts of the ovary in which there is any tendency to
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blood-supply, but also with thorough drainage. Fecal
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but never calcareous, degeneration. By this choking of the
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the PastciLT-Chamberland bougie to bacteria of small size. Journal of Medical Re-
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Dr. Geikie rose to the same question of privilege and defended
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second ; twelve in the thirty-third, and one in the thirty-fourth. Four-
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Daily experience teaches that, in closure of the excretory bile-ducts, in
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and by making, as he does, the doctrine of the perpetuity of specific
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390. The column of drivers is halted in front of the building-, the
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aspect ; but the general state of the body remained the same. I continued
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closely adherent throughout its whole surface and beginning to peel
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parents, that they may know the best home care to give their
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dM foot, the battery being placed, when in use, upon a table close to the patient
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Case II. — J. E., aged forty-six, carpenter, married. Family
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ease of the walls of the vessels, although the microscope shows no
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I saw her at p.m. on June 8. Khythmical abdominal contractions
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purpose of purchasing a horse. If from a dealer, it is to
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tory ph.vsinil examination Ix-fore a Board of Exam-
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mtk, ]ad(lDg (torn tbt pnaent iDilalBim t. vllt prora a ntaablt addtlla
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number of physicians in the most respectable practice, reported only the
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Wounds " is particularly disappointing in view of the
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watch the effects of the remedy, and in many I kept no rec-
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Does preventive inoculation by cultures of the comma*
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cephalus, and the general state of the child's development
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posterior sclerosis has also been observed. It seems probable that lateral

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