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to which attention has been called from time to time, but

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will maintain such a unit as we had last year. The people are very

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stool weighing 193.9 gm. was passed, whereas the stool for the fifth day

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in blood films or in cultures from the blood ; a more satisfactory method,

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The symptoms and signs which occur during the course of a disease,

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for twenty-four hours, transfer to percolator and pour

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some of the newspapers, it can only be said that the facts, as

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ers. It is useless counting upon private charity to find the

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When, however, the bronchitis has been attended by a free puru-

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►very. But the principle or rule treated of by Mr. Hilton as a

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Nearly all of these painful, long-lasting, exhausting, 60-horse-

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either do not come on at all, or but very slightly or feebly. After removal of the medulla

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pleural exudate compressing the lung. It was believed

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Edin.; Senior Dental Surgeon, Westminster Hospital; Dental Sur-

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chain of suggestion at the first opportunity and is thus at a

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etc. He put the quantity of dried albumen at 80 parts per 1000, which is

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enmnerated, must matenally influence its necessary duration.

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ente. Dr. F. Spat writes to the Miinchener medicinische

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In this, as in everything else, America, though young, is prolific.

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in its gross appearance does not differ from any other. In anotlier

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tions, and to the manner of using the knife and ligatures in the depth of the

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of the throat not uncommon among clergymen and other public

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way in the spleen a very occasional recognizable fragment of a spirillum was

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these structures without destroying healthy intervening tissues.

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♦appointed to report on the motion of Dr. Hender-

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healiug, or they may perforate. Generally adhesions occur

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sonal dissections as well as my operative experience

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do not occur indefinitely ; but in certain series (types) as already

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was found in rickety knottings of the bones, and otlier symptoms of rickets ; as

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the sluice-gates of Medical opinion and controversy upon such

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unyielding, it is of little importance whether they

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Proceedings of the 78th Annual Session of the House

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go on to abscess-formation, and which, if often repeated, will end

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surface of the external pterygoid muscle and is lost in

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