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extension from without into the lung, as in epithelioma of
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Marine-Hospital Service, — Official List of Changes ofStatio?is
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abled ; but the disease does not reach any higher grade
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of one part oatmeal to two parts flour; one tablespoonful mixed
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vocated " la])aro-elytrotomy." and predicted that it
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corresponds to disintegrated tissue protein, would show clearly
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Wilnet/ Union. — The Seer-ud Bampton District is vacant; area 10,520;
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of great tenuity, and less readily attacked by it. The solution did not dry
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for and should include a search for not merely insanity but
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there stimulating the secreting cells. Very many of them act
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extremities. In a case that I recently observed with marked facial asymmetry,
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conditions in the line of ascent, the apex, and the line of descent of the sphyg-
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Fcetal life, too, seems to us more secure by the alidoiu-
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axillary glands; paralytic symptoms accomijanied by atroi)hy of the
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years. Both have enlarged spleens accompanied by jaundice, often
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for the month to the twelfth part of the London yearly
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should answer, without hesitation : endeavor in every case that comes
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pursue their course through the interstices of the tissues, the
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discarded bar room buildings as a place of dispensation of the various
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does not prevent its being the cause of the disease, how-
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tbis country, and in London, Edinburgb, Glasgow, and
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form of thick balls. Soudakewitch removed the spleen from monkeys,
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teutiou to the discoveries of (Saskell, which to luv
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arteries of a man of eighty. Entire families may show early arterio-
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liniment to be rubbed in night and morning. This treatment,
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leads to disturbance of special senses, shown by symptoms such as flashes
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now altogether ignorant. The position, however, which we occupy at pre-
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ring draws from the system combine to generate a mild current," and this current

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