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All those factors must first be mentioned which are important in the aetiology

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attendance book is provided, in which they mnat sign their names eaoh day.

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nenta of the dental atadent. The Mnaeam of the. College presenta, in ita

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ft. T^t are tftft-crlteria for ptircHase: (a) $«np1es saltcted at randofli; (b) assur-

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two sexes are about equally affected ; the male sex seems to predominate some-

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will be fixed by the Director. The order in which students present

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Paralyses from diseases of the cauda equina will be described later in the

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maining power of movement. The contractures are almost always found in

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into three classes, according to the degree of their mental inferiority — the

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Ralph C. Hamill, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry.

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hospital, and have attended a lying-in hospital for six months or con-

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denly, the patient feels perfectly well, save for a slight pain and stiffness in

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sometimes by strong cutaneous irritants to the back of the neck (blisters). In

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there often occurs a very annoying, or even distressing, sensation of tension

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n. The preliminary examinations shall be npon the following branches of

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each; Practical Anatomy, Practical Chemistry and Microscopy,

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ion we must be extremely guarded in such an assumption. We most frequently

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fees: Pathological class, with Clinical Instruction, £4* 48. each, or

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Descriptive Anatomy, Normal Histology, Practical Exercises, Dissec-

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A considerable number of cases which have been studied anatomically of late

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the known symptoms of tabes (vide infra). The reflex immobility of the

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multiple sclerosis comes on only exceptionally when at rest, but almost always

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dominant ideas of apparent anxiety, often associated with some twitching.

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longitudinally in the cord, forming either one large focus of disease of irregu-

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are generally preparatory, and the other two are devoted to medical soienoe.

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aspirin and antipyrin, and also antifebrin, phenacetim, pyramidon, or a mix-

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severe cases, however, the hemorrhages constantly recur, and the child some-

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studied mediome during at least fonr years, and during that time have attended

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restricted. Alcohol does not come into consideration from the standpoint of

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