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a casualty clearing station which was located in France not

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But what sort of experiments ? Such as could throw no light on the

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nervous energy, the power of assimilation and that of defecation, the

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1. Equal parts of wax, olive oil, lard, veal suet, turpentine,

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Report of Government Bacteriologist at Hong Kong.—

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tubercular meningitis, and have seen cases in which strabismus has been

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already in the hands of many of our readers, very clearty shows that

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B.S., 1978. medical education, University of Maryland,

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layer to the angular gyrus and convex aspect of the occipital lobe. The

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ing him milk by teaspoonfuls. It seemed to me like a resurrec-

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Various procedures have been reconmiended for sterilizing cat-

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clinical picture, other tests of the spinal fluid in these cases were

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oil, which she immediately vomited and the pain in-

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spindle shape. These deformities, as well as the mobility of the cells, result

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versal. The homoeopaths are an exception. They either

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canula, and the condition of the trachea and bronchi

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nephritis, (3) cirrhosis of the liver, and (4) tuberculosis.

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Synopsis. — Locomotor ataxia of tno years* duration. Incoordination of muscles of

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Marey. La circulation du sang. Paris, 1881. — Von Frey. Die Untersuchung des Pulses.

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or inorganic, and examines rigidly its supposed rela-

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characteristics. It is claimed by some observers that 6 days, by others

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of cade, with 4 per cent, of carbolic acid incorporated with it, be rubbed

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surgeon to recognize the disease. He need only appeal

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ascites are (1) the finely divided fat, and (2) the absence of leukocytes

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in touch in these manifestations with the as yet inexplicable vital forces

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Experience in the South African war brings the subject

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and all certainly by the twelfth month. The practice of nursing

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Case VIII. — Diagnosis on discharge was general miliary tuberculosis

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is subjected to the most abominable treatment, and which often de-

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ointment, but without much benefit, though there is certainly less inflam-

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Twenty bodies already await incineration. The cost of

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the early years of his practice in the city of Montreal. The

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placing the stethoscope over the tumor, and practising percussion, a

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sion of habitual losses of blood (such as menses or piles). In this last

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drew attention to the decreased rate of mortality in

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of butter, one tablespoonful of grated cheese, pepper, salt, and

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