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lowing. He was despondent and depressed and in such a des-

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e nsive burns, trophic ulceration and other extensive conditions where

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for a time at least profit by the extraordinary demand

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conditions arc too diverse to permit any general theory. Fevers are

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site — that they are properly arranged, and not too close together ;

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nitrogen, and carbonic acid. He also showed the mode of

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in infancy of "worm-fever." She lost one son, the twin brother of Pel-

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It v/ould take too long to analyse these lectures, but we

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certain cases. The vapor and the hot-air bath have been found uwfiiL

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case over the head, to, and above the symphysis pubis. Contrac-

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matory changes, whereas, with obstruction due to carcinoma of the

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differs greatly. They are generally distinctly heard at the precordial

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temporary duty. August 18. Detailed as delegate to the Inter-

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unmarried, and did not apply for medical advice until

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gave an excellent illustration of the closure of this foramen by cicatricial

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There are several things to be considered in carrying

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even more protracted than the first, and its duration is an affair of

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•of positively analogous properties) in its treatment.

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does not stain with haematoxylon or eosin, and contains a

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Nor is this question (or series of questions) by any means only of

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of catgut for choice; then tie the pampiniform plexus in two

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disease, advanced cases of renal disease, and the febrile state.

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tion of the mental force, but even according to its

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such a study, a considerable proportion of the pellagrins of our series

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not, as a rule, .preserved, except perhaps as a smear after

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mation (as regards board, &c.) to students, on their arrival in

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lieved by tartrate of antimony and potash. The usual

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altered my opimon, and recommend the following procedure. In the

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