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An oinimento/nUric acid was formerly o^o:nal : but has boon omitted

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tense interest, all of the greatest value to him —

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to send forth the influence necessary for the support of the functions

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felt, and has the candour to allow, how often, notwithstanding

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ec Common's fenceless limits" be the temple consecrated to

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which tlie whole apparatus is set in operation; and 5. a pair of insulated

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the uniTerBality of tbe mode of operation through the blood must be

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these circumstances, does not positively contraindicate them. Active alco-

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of my immediate family. For years 1 was troubled with frequently

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taste, and is among the most grateful of the aromatics. It yields its

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refreshing again in the reverse order. There are numerous

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kept shut, and the bed-curtains drawn close, the patient

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ally the lepida fabella for him as well as recommending

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on the different susceptibilities of the parts affected, rendering them liable

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somewhat more intense. In France, it is much employed for all the

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liarly useful, under the same circumstances. In cases, moreover, in which

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and not from the direct contact of the opium or its active principles.

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Table V. Effect of chronic cold stress (2° C) on mortality of mice challenged with

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tality bills of students. To the teacher-nurse it is a

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to the stomach and bowels, in debility of these organs; and have the

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bitnal support, exhibits its suffering in a peculiar kind of delirium, called

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broth will be viscid and nourishing, and if it be prepared

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Yiecessary, even when the lancet may be employed for the cure of the

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causes its coagulation. Hence it has been recommended for the suppres-

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the test of fitness, and the value of the intellectual '^^^'

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sequences, and is actually necessary in the present state of

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condition of the blood may be so far modified by such a chemical agency,

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with virulent SR-U, regardless of subsequent temperature exposure,

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nervous and genital systems, and, when suitably aided, no doubt pro-

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S. Tnmpermmemt Temperamefit should receive some attention in tbe

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increased mortality ratios. This was noted consistently when the

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The decoction has hem used as a topical a]^lication in indolent, flabby,

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Both nux vomica and the he an of St, Ignatius have, at various tiuies^

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It is generally used in the form of infusion, which may be made in the

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