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pany, where a woman 49 years old was killed by a train, and
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a man of 31. In a youth of 18 was found a beginning
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to control involuntary movements need not be so strenuous whilst
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delirious and died on the thirteenth day of his illness. At
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Cotton states that catarrhal symptoms of the faucial, oral, or ocular mucosa
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faecal contamination, v. Lingelsheim recalls the examina-
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by applying them to the spine of the first one who should be affected.
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the fact that the lobules are not simultaneously, but successively, involved,
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cause of itching pertains to hidden molecular or dynamic
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TREATMENT. The management of asthma embraces, first, the treatment
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of this city, and very favorably received, a majority of the surgeons favored
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often sensational, exaggerated, and unjust. A reporter
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that it is impossible to cause artificial cholera in an
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heal kindly, amputation of the penis should be performed
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of the atonic stomach and a careful study of the lack of tone and the
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at first, and thus prevents transudation. Aristol in pow-
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University of Wisconsin solution of ex vivo preservation of the pig
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toxic megacolon imodium c-difficile
Fellow of Trinity CuUege, Dublin, and of the College of Physiciu
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Medical College, at the opening of the lecture season, and a very satis-

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