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resisted by one hand of the operator over the upper third of the sternum
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Even those surgeons who studied with interest and advantage this
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herent jargon ; all the time he looked quite intelligent. He has
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ner. The T breakfast we are to have fish and omelet.
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with iron are those in which the chlorosis is complicated by nervous
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expression for the phenomena which result when protoplasm is
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by Dr. Ralph Hopkins of this city; namely, that immediately
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Diet. — The diet in general is the same as in Bright 's disease. In
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man cannot have the desire and the will, and consequently the
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During convalescence, the change to a full diet must be made very
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No. I of this group was placed with her. Oviposition began eight
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the nasal secretion of a physician who had been daily in the Throat
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whom I know to have made a well-marked improvement in regard
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I. — Immune tj^jhoid serum was used. Ether was added to the first tube of the
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be removed. The tank is essentially like the Dortmund tank used
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of disappearance of the nodule from the testicles. The female
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labour — during and after which great wakel'ulness and restlessness
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These may be useful to some surgeons, but are rather carelessly got
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It will not be necessary except in a few instances to compare
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mischief; but it does not follow that it was requisite or did good.
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ether which is at least not united with the bacteria has been removed ?
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to confirm these conclusions. Mr. White took two 3-hter bottles,
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interpreted. Some facts apparently well established, and, at any
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worse — i.e., the consciousness of futility without the conscience to
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the Englishman^ and read that " the Chief Justice and all the budges
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struction, are also pointed out in the Lariboisi^re Hospital at Paris,
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monary stasis from heart lesions, — venesection. The author will take
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held that typhoid fever is not contagious. The nurses slept with
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that title ; and to assume that the licentiate of a college, the member
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prevails, and is epidemically spread, with very different degrees of
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nated in a national success. It may seem an insult to name this
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statement, affording as it did an additional evidence that the typhoid,
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from April to September, offers a winter climate during our summer.
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employed only when it is the abdominal aorta that is involved, but in
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contain a pus-hke fluid. This material is not pus, however, but
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On account of the scarcity of gophers a more extensive variation
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peritoneal abscesses perforate the most perforable viscus ; and if we
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of their figures are more crithidia-like than herpetomonas-like.
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of the menstrual flux, whether that be caused by cold, by some
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electric action was continued till the skin assumed the whitish hue
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be determined by his own feelings, but never to exceed an hour or an
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5. October 7, 1910, one loop-full of 18-hour agar growth of the bacillus was sus-
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"Iliad " of Homer, the highest development of vegetable proto])lasm
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the characteristic hemorrhagic scrotum developed. The pig was

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