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ing over the floor, can not be borne. The veins of the foot are SAVollen.

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months. The impulse of the heart was strong, jarring, and extended ;

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agents are not at hand, and a blister is an immediate

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other injections in such a manner that their potency will be

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intratracheal insufflation with chloroform, as the safest method of giving

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risen to an alarming height, and for many days and nights he had never

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Fruits and Vegetables. — Vegetables, such as celery, lettuce, and

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Mechanisms of Action. Although precise mechanisms of its

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fatal result, if there be any such tendency by way of

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gratifies the instant pleasure that he derives from the imbibition of

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attenuation of the virus we must assume that the mother develoj)s

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a part. The great problem in modern war is the placing in the field of

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among others, by Dr. Tiirck, (Academy of Sciences of Vienna, 1850.)

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mustard poultice, or a bag of hot salt^or a moist and hot flannel

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better impress the fact upon your minds. The hereditary

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As doubtless the College election will bring some medical men

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the bone. It occurs usually in the last joint of either a thumb or

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4th. I was called to see the patient, and found her in a

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thesia or in several sittings without anesthesia. Subsequent treatment

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symphysis pubis. The left lower extremity is lying on

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Happy University ! The ground upon which it stands was presented by the

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EsHNER, M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Philadelphia

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the duty of the average doctor of North Carolina to stress the value

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considerably more power than Trousseau himself could exert. But this

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the disorder is not clear, and symptomatic treatment

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The officers of Haslar Naval Hospital and Netley Military

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tiphlogistics, and the free \ise of the lancet, are

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Cavity, and then spreads in the direction of the lymph passages which

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of observations hitherto made has, so far as they are reported, been remarkably

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some of the morning sputum before cleansing the teeth,

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Di. Iv. DlDFlKLD wrote as follows: In lS9o I noted the fre<iuent occur-

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passed the hook behind the malleus through an incision

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reactions in the blood of non-dysenteric infants under one year of age.

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region in precisely the same way as it has been re-

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