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states that he has received a letter from Algeria announcing
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the kidney is big, plump, firm, yet resilient, often "hog-backed," and
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ficial respiration. What started as a demonstration to
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tigue and exhaustion. Overwork may also be a cause, but only if
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fair-play, to take an expression which refers to one
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urous surgeon, and in few, unfortunately, have his en-
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tion of cartilage cells, there is a failure to form
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upon the temperature of the bath than upon the amount of CO2
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that I operated upon, to be quite fair, prefacing it by the state-
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lasts the diet should be light and easily digestible. Attention should
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The squares must be highly illuminated by a shaded nitrogen day-
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Examining Unit varied at different points from 7 to 28.
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the different forms, so I shall content myself with naming
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the works devoted to physical diagnosis. It is the sort of volume which
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Such, briefly stated, are the eight principal factors which are to
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occurs almost always on those portions of the body which are habitually
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OP Miliary TuiJERCL'i.osis. — It is stated (/^ Movgafjni)
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second or third day, repeated in small doses, espe-
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bourgeoisie. " Partly because by nature," says the cor-
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curring during given periods in certain divisions of the
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not scruple to imitate my labels, show-cards, price-lists, price-placards, and even the distinctive names of my "Wines and under
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large quantities of water are not always retained in the
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have seen one example, in which the tendon of the biceps suddenly resumed its
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the intestines as there is in constriction or adhesions of the bowels
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important, if not more so, in the dysentery hospitals as in any other.
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salt. This solution must invariably be tested for neutrality by adding
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pital at Gallop's Island, for the purpose of scientifically
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