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inilueneee' the diseases which are generally regarded las hereditary. II
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lis, as positive a means of recognition of syphilitic lesions
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He who thrusts his dirty fingers into a wound very likely causes
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is often useful. Small blisters, the strong aqua ammonias, or the croton oil,
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vance logistical command in the communications zone
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«'ases by poisons introduced from without or by auto-intoxica-
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physicians in an agitation for sewers, with a successful result.
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nection between anal fistula and the lungs, and as a
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and cellular exudate. Vesicles have their seat either in
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preceded the obstruction, even when mechanically caused. We infer
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dusky hue of the surface, and the characteristic physiognomy of typhus,
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fever, by continued irritability of the stomach, and irregularity of the
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" The mucous membrane of the pharynx and of the entrance to the
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As soon as these fluids meet, they decompose each other; the
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experiments, by which the horse, an animal already refractory to diph-
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cular trunks. Miiller enumerates as belonging to the circulatory system of
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Z fn^d I rr/l !?°:!''' havo^Jiscotet^^ fh^e' rot'' IT. „'"??'"?
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gland I was called to treat the same patient, who was then suf-
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on the contrary the most implicated in pityriasis rubra pilaris, by the
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years, 8 were incapable of self-support, from mental or
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into the stage of degeneration. He asked the method of
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Fracture of the base of the skull is difricult to diag-
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death in tuberculous pericarditis is most often not re-
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can not be tested during the operation if it is infiltrated
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a series of cases seen in private practice or in hospital wards.
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(«) The average age of the patients has been increasing
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These results show the softening effect of either peanuts or chufas
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tension, the wall slightly sclerotic. The cardiac dulness was slightly increased
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Fergusson judged it prudent to remove the unprotected portion
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after the fluid is really absorbed ; the false-membranes remaining may
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sixteen ounces and a half, and the wall of the left ventricle mea-

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