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into its normal situation, and was fixed there by rigor

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caffein, alcohol, and saline solution, in the treatment of

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Section D (chemical pathology). Prof. Halliburton, F.R.S. The

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ished excitability of that center. In the first case,

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hardly ever be palpably manifest. Even with all the aids of scientific

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10. Casuistic Contribution to the " Thorax on en-bateau " in

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however, no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant

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sulfur in organic combination, is a dark-brown fluid of syrupy

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accept a certificate from the proper officer of Cor-

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from Gaz. M4d. de Paris, March 22, 1856, and Correspond. Scien. in Roma.

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manner. Writer's cramp is a disease chiefly of the male sex.

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natural reluctance to adopt it in such aged persons. The brain exhibits

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considered. Cases having recurrent attacks, like similar

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plore with the finger. When possible, removal of the

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the face denotes great contraction of the muscles of the jaws (risus sardouicus). Abdominal

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positions, that it is difficult to fix within narrow hmits the

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The nail deformity caused by a heaping up of epithelium under

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When it is impossible to ligature the subclavian, on account of the size

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greater traction, through fear of lacerating the tissue. So 1 had

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California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Florida, Arizona,

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jurious, if given when the coat is white. Oatmeal made into a

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at the top, and three inches smaller each way than the

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These cases have been of particular interest since the constant normal

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potash added, and then shaken up with chloroform. The chloro-

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as the system will bear; at first, to sickness at least, if not to

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donna and turpentine for the lightning pains, so I gave the boy a mixture

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but at the same time teaches us what we otherwise should not be

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been observed — Gouty Neuralgia — Illustrative Cases — Gouty redness of the

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urinary analyses without finding any albumin. Dr. Milli-

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of this distressing affection, I injected into the bladder

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Amongst other alterations from the original formnla?, we perceive

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only by microscopical examination, but also by plate cultiva-

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a Medical Journal : Caudate Professors : a New Species: a Tail to the Univer-

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