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are so familiar to us, a long list, self- condemnatory by very reason of its

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in the matter, and made a grave pretence of not knowing what was

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more or less free. It must not be assumed, therefore, that in the absence

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' AnnaU of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, Liverpool, December, 1915.

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old with a rapid onset of fever, diarrhoea, and sickness ; the right facial

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innervation; such are hemorrhages in the pericranium, the jtleura,

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with cod-liver oil, the well-known and nauseous flavour pro-

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become histogenetic ones, and build up the blood corpuscles. These are

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unyielding, it is of little importance whether they

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tercolon. M. J. Australas., Melbourne, 1897, ii, 130-135.

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mucus, which he terms amyxorrhoea gastrica. This may be due to

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both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes at the order of the

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no sooner swallowed than it was rejected, and the appHcation of the

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made harmless; the clothes should be placed for at least two hours in

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fremitus were lost here. Both lungs were clear else-

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and always carried it afterward, but I did not have one

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like the cicatrix of a neoplastic growth. Unless the indurated spot

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the exposure of the examination. These sounds may be appreciated

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Perozld of Hydrogen in Acute TTrethritie. L. Riieaume.

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shows dullness from the right ninth costal cartilage. In a line

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by Dr. Clark ; on the last time, that gentleman on his own responsibility,

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for airing-grounds for convalescent patients, as this would also secure

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that have the cutting edge of the blades turned outwards, and the blades

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Sometimes the epiphysis is quite dislocated and separated from the bone


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when there is a marked bronchorrhea, daily injections of 20

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been accurately described before the middle of the eighteenth

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ble source of phlebitis, though no such case has been so far

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tetanus of the rest of the parts of the body. 3. During a clonic attack

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adopted. So much depends upon the condition of the pa-

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iodine from sea-sponees by means of water, while another part was

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below an ordinary artizan ; but whether now is an opportune time to seek such legislation

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malleoli of the left leg, and comminution of the inner border

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*• Stearns, A. W. : On the Diagnostic Value of Hallucination* :

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