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Arch. Ophth., N. Y., 1X97, xxvi, 2-19.— Horstniann (C.)
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Tuberculous — adenitis and pseudoleukemia, 37; and
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of board in abatement of nuisances and prosecution of
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announces its Annual Assembly in Otolaryngology from October 1 through 7,
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interest in their schools and demanding better trained teachers. Teachers
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through the rent with an antiseptic fluid, and securing drain-
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and Nervous Diseases in the New York Polyclinic, etc.
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and the pancratiastes, armed with the cestus, were in
mestinon and drinking alcohol
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led to believe that there are certain fixed laws governing
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ossicles in the siluroid fishes. Pbil. Tr. 1893, Loud., 1894,
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uteri, that the edge of the placenta rested on the os uteri in 22 cases, and was
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pletely encircle the depressed bone. With the old instrument, the pin
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Streptococcal Peritonitis. — This is a rare condition — I have seen
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(98 - 3per cent.); deaths, 7 (1*7 percent.); 665 percent, ofallwounds.
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■willkiilirlicheu Mnskelii iiii Typhus abdouiinalis.
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boy, whose mother had a generally small pelvis, and after
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* " Zur Entwicklung unci klinischen Bedeutung der Scharlachzungo," Deiitsches
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closets, four sewing-rooms, two coal vaults, two servants' dining-rooms, and in
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of their contents by the diarrhoea which precedes the dysenteric evacua-
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mechanically by food. In chronic forms, cardiac weakness, palpitation,
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supposed to, but he did it because I, the “Doctor,”
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that he shall be twenty-one years of age, and in all cases shall produce
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and found that the average toxicity of the urine of women in the last two
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continued the internal use of diuretics for nearly three weeks, and
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as a local general Hospital. Xo doubt there is need of such,
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filtration of the Thames water the quality is so much improved that the
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altered state of the fluids in these cases, is abundantly shown in the
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tion may be changed for one of cupr. sulph., which can
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Jews until about 700, B.C., it can hardly be said to have origi-
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cspeciaUj in the fiist year of life. It is most frequent during the pmod
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traction of the trachea, and embarrassment of the breathing is thereby
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