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of Physicians, honorary secntary w the medical society cf 'jondon, physician to the

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Fig. 4 — Geographic distribution of cytology services in Wisconsin.

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various forms of nasal obstruction usually presents no

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prisonniont, t»r hoth, iti tho (liscrotion of tho court " — Mr. Justico

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my, and he left the matter entirely in their : killed me." His countenance was pale

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Pathology. — The disease is a pure neurosis, and tlie par-

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a suppurative lymphadenitis of the retro-pharyngeal glands of Henle.

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Hirst prefers ether to chloroform in labour except in

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In experiments 26 and 28, undertaken in order to ascertain

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we became so impressed with the powerlessness of these means to

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spasms occasionally attend the access of the disease ;

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things as the old " Four Thieves* Vinegar," Zittmann's

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yet been discovered, there is no necessary tendency to extinction of the

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from the outflow from the renal vein, comparing tliis

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varieties may contain colonies of micrococci, but these oi^anisms are

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to it. However, be this as it may, it appears to me certain that erro-

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it unfit to continue the a6lion of geflation, and give rife to pre-

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considers first the energy transformation in living matter; second, the

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the tiypanosome in Part II below, to relate how the trypanosome pene-

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young children are t for k, th for s, f for th, and r for w. In a few persons

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milk or vinegar, they may be applied as a fomentation to painful

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The apparatus is the development of twelve years of practical

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of Pressure, separately or combined. "With an Appendix on the Use of Con-

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ized beings, to review briefly the fluids, organs, and apparatuses of the inver-

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under discussion, the Boston Society for the U. S. Navy. He was a most accom-

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seems to be affected more frequently than the posterior, although

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luive been mistaken. The condition cannot always be differentiated from

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through the vessels of the tissue. When these two things

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dogs and four rabbits by subcutaneous and intravenous

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are not swelled, but remain dormant, as it were; nor is hair

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mind that we are dealing with an ulcerated and very septic

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animals which had been subjected, for experimental purposes, to

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found that the contractions continued even after ablation of the cerebrum,

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I think I have produced a green-stick fracture. See how nice and

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in a skeleton of a species of didtlphis, Virginian opossum,

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one of the guides. From here it is passed through the opposite

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more particularly in cases of corpulent persons with

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hours after a meal, accompanied with cramps, which terminate

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p rofession. Heretofore we have been wholly dependant upon the few

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but the lesion was not of a character to allow of any precise conclusions

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