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or may be removed. Long and irregular intervals afford more oppor-

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mental powers of patients were impaired iu only a small

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abscess, as some have called it. Most pathologists agree that circum-

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material. With the 1/12" objective this latter is seen to consist as asual of

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nize the primary etiological fault and attempt its eradication or

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on a slow wire in a small office. He has passed to the

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nection between anal fistula and the lungs, and as a

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edges of the wound became of such a color as to lead

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Middlemore himself records a number of interesting cases of amaurosis from

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in the " Masters of Medicine " series, gives an admirable pic-

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cant of age to find at balls young girls, unless very plain, refusing to take

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likely to occur and occurs most early if the seat of the ovum

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capsulates the abscess, while its contents calcify, we can only speak of

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we shouldn’t. The argument for it is relatively simple and

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therefore only in Anatomy, Physiology, and Surgery, are en-

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atrics, Public Health, Radiology, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, Psychiatry, and Wiscon-

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when we recollect the scarcely impartial anxiety with which the

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ence has shown to be especially harmful. Fat in itself

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the American Institute, would it not be well to organize immediately

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