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probably at the time of the plngging of the branches of the renal arteries.
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rhagic forms of that disease. That its administration would be
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patient was enabled one year after the operation to undertake extended
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"Ohio Valley Medical Association." The following officers were
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of it ; and it is well worthy of reniirk that the disease even
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Moor.nEAD — GiLLMAN. — On April 11, at St. Thomas's Church, Dubhn,
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growth of membrane, and this in case of laryngeal diphtheria
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innominate or to the pulmonary veins. Venous murmurs have little
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tion projection unimpeded through the head to the handle and
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attributed this exfoliation to the abuse of mercury, but it may occur when we
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tion, on the other hand, it is reported as having lasted for five to twelve
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Sunday, 8:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Registration at 7:30 a.m.
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ments, but have had considerable experience, and as to our
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bibed it from her first husband through the medium of his off-
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Professor of Surgery, Hospital College of Medicine, Visiting Sur-
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lung disease and hectic, or patients with disseminated
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spinal fever and fever with cerebro-spinal meningitis. In regard to all
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scribed more on account of his antecedents than because of the accident. In
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Md., June 5, aged 80. He was bom near Salisbury, Md., and
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corpuscles. This swellin*^ nn<^ht be occasioned by a decrease in
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seemed doubtful whether this accident had had any connection
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both to patient and physician, can not be more than very briefly and
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functional hour-glass stomach for an organic condition, it is therefore
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came back shortly afterward, and his belly filled up again. He was
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1. — S^e Philadelphia Medical Journal, August 12.

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