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Horlick's Malted Milk Corporation, Racine, Wisconsin

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while the facts adduced never warranted the extreme conclusions.

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•bout two-thirds of these are members of branches. Both those

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loss or modification of the various kinds of sensation, and in loss or modi-

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defective drainage of the gastro-intestinal ^^^^^g *is or the yet_ graver oolectomy

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urgency corresponding to the danger of death by this mode. These,

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latina, as in psoriasis, the peeling off of the cuticle depends on the

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form Period, the purpose of the movements of the chest

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for an essay entitled, " An Outline of the Embryology

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is in many places inaccurate, and sucli work is outside

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the neck. The results were all satisfactory. — Therapeutic Gazette,

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During the third or fourth week, boils are apt to appear on different parts

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who has ceased to abstain from alcohol and yet is suffi-

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she is likely to take in the extrusion of the foetus, then the aperture formed in

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with fimbriated epithelium, may account for the fact that the inside

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a perforation with localized peritonitis. The patient

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it will increase the wakefulness already often present. Its

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Shake. Drop 10 to 15 drops into the eye, three times a day with a

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(M. A. T.) A statistical survey on the prevalence (]f en-

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On the other hand, the difficulty with which the child goes upstairs is that

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disease has disappeared. Beside cardiac and organic

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these cases where there is marked dilatation. The tube is contra-

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which is better irbesartan or losartan

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during an attack. The following are more commonly involved:

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time a candidate is under examination in each or all

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well be irreversible, and patients will have paid a heavy

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known under the name of " Dr. Schleich's glutol." When placed on

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not be theoretical, but practical, and that a higher de-

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urine showed traces of albumin, the swelling of the submaxillar}' glands

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in length. No bad effects followed. In the other case the

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Of the four cases alleged to have been cured, one was an

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In endeavoring to sam up this matter, I would emphasize the

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Increased temperature, diminished electrical resistance,

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