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been diagnosticated as diphtheria. He separated these bacilli from

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the mildest means which will suffice are to be urged, espe-

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alone attributed to mental influence. And in this inference

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growth of bacteria introduced from without or present in purulent secretions in

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1 22 days careful treatment, he was made out-patient with good reason to

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parents, he informed me that his father had died ten

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described the brain with some accuracy, but without the

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Case II. — On May 18 of last year, I was consulted by a lady of

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ship at Mercy Hospital, Oshkosh. He had been in medical

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Baume de Vie. Socotrine aloes 2 dr., rhubarb 6 dr., saffron 2

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placental tissue into animals of the same and of other species

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over and above extenfive, and that, of confequence, while a lefs

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memorials of what they did to elucidate the nature of diseases,

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Uses. — Lime is employed outside of the body to destroy

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Surgery ; Ashbel Parmelee Grinnell, M. D. (Secretary),

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was some seepage from the operation, the bandage being slightly

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This year’s 116th Meeting of the American Association

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to whether Mrs. W. also went into Mrs. H.'s house. However,

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They are limited to the abdomen, the axilla, and to the inner surface of the

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aralysis is sometimes functional, and then it belongs among the neuroses,

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affection, such as inflammation of the Bartholin glands, urethritis,

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the removal of the growth. If care be taken to prepare the skin

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must stop, my head's getting bad " ; " even these few

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three things of practical import to us in considering the rela-

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quieted. Ue recommends hot water as one of the simplest,

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