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iodoform in glycerine injected, and the opening closed with

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that is necessary. After labour has fairly set in, the patient

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greater intensity of the exciting cause — namely, chill, due to

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the density of the urine may sink to 1015. Cases, too, have

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pathological conditions, heredity, development, and crime.

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meeting of the Cumberland and Westmorland Association for

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D. M. Lure, Inspector of the Poor, Glenelg, by February 21st.

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during the slight after-fall of pressure is given. Fick 16 is a

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periment without a definite object, either to illustrate an

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Walsliam. With reference to the faulty direction, forwards

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mosaics corroded before our eyes, our statues trickled down

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from a neighbouring organ. Examples of the various kinds

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poisoning, both of people and animals, by gas discharged

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permanent heart disease was discussed, and also the impor-

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female, in whom of course the anastomoses are very free,

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Honorary Surgeon to the Queen has also been deservedly

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ceedings by prise du regard, which was perfectly performed ; we

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at 10 A.M. on the 27th. and found that she had, in addition to a double rub

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would any harm be done by labellins as poison a medicine containing

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Medical JonEXAi. of December .'iist, iss'O is a letter from Dr. Fortescue

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Collins, Henry Beale, M.R.C.S.. D.P.H..L.S.A., appointed Medical Officer

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Joseph Fayrer for his services. Dr. Priestley then pro-

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mence," he says, "digesting the food for a patient suflfering

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some fifteen servants. As an officer in the Salvation Army I

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mind that the matter of acquiring sites for fever hospitals

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many of the lectures and publications by Dr. Luys and

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applicable to the case of cancers, because their mode of growth

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commissioned service, and the superior medical knowledge of many

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serted in the circular summoning the meeting at which he

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its stages, as well as of congenital syphilis, were all irritative

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make a suspension of the cholera bacilli growing on the sur-

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