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scratch the parts become almost irresistible, and pa-

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In conclusion, I must say, that I could not have timed my connec-

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After a few hours the pseudo-membrane, convex at its centre, thin

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la Suisse Rora., Gen6ve, 1896, xvi, 42-44.— Oangolphe.

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There is a tendency in many subjects — notably those of

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mercury previously exhibited, which until then had lain dor-

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raoancy, astonishment, sulleuness, etc. The diversity of these terms raises

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those of the Clinique, are twice a week attended to

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a Bassini, burying interrupted chromicized catgut in the deep and

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ably certain that we are dealing with a ventricular tachycardia.

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alkaline medium, since, as pointed out, the trypanosomes showed granular

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Arkansas which is led only by Florida in the number of

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obliquely to prevent light going through the fissures formed

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an epidemic is more difficult to follow than it is in small, thinly-settled

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search after the physical causes of mental disturbance.

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that had been painted with iodine which reduced its size

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afford an opportunity for a correct diagnosis. In all the

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out like a nipple from a dense mass of exudate in all

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years of age, and in one instance actually to one and one-half or

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tals and the buttocks being also left exposed. In the infant which you see

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rivals,*' as Dr. de Valcourt well observes, have " acquired in

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ease a vast number, if not the majority, of the alopecias of youth and

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gin seems to be complex. Alteration of the blood, trou-

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exterminates the parasites. Several applications of a fifty

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which can be seen in all stages of development, appear to be imitations

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we shouldn’t. The argument for it is relatively simple and

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when it was evident that she could not be cured by other

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quently, in three hours, the man is in better health than he had enjoyed

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I'ractitioncrs. The best course for Dr. Acland to pursue would

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works upon urine analysis. Of late years he has also written an entensive work upon

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