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interference with respiration, and if the case be fatal, the cause may be looked

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in ; and if these changes are allowed to pursue their ordinary

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you explain the cases occuring in well-to-do or even wealthy families,

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furthermore, you inspect closely the site of the original wound,

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the diseases of childbed, appearing only upon or in

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prevailed without relation to the climate, wind, weather, or telluric

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this matter, or to be wiser than my brethen, old or young, but

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anatomy of this stage,* suggests, in addition to means directed

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to settle for, and then he and the doctor agree that a

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spread out completely between the glasses, it is well

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growth. Paraplegia and vesical paralysia Removed, seen to

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of A series is incorrectly given ; for instance, U is rendered as Y, Y taken

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tacks have grown progressively more frequent, until now

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regular wounds. This is especially the case when the bullet

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acid, one-half ounce to pint of water, and finally rinsing the

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enterostomies, enterectomies, hysterectomies, and nephrectomies,

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'â– rgans" is admirably di scribed, and meets the wants

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tures of the elbow, with lesion of the brachial artery. 5th, Frac-

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did occur ; but it suffices to me to know, that within three weeks

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watched and regulated, especial attention being paid to

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finally, the general surgeon diffidently expresses his

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instruction, to define the degree of care and skill required of a

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Arkansas Medical Society that the Annual Session has

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little chloroform may be given, but, if given, the administration must

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ness. Ten days later the legs were wholly, and the arms were almost wholly

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The Lectures will be delivered twice weekly, at convenient

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out operation. Not long ago a patient had been treated in

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My own first experience with this treatment dates from

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uterine cavity. On withdrawal of the hand, the head fell

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