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malaria, this would impress the necessity of going over

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provided they can give satisfactory proof of their good standing in the

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ceives to be that of aiding the bladder in the evac-

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disease of the spinal column had become paraplegic during

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us, the death-rate here in Glasgow was at the rate of 41 per

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portance in the treatment of hysteria; nevertheless, it

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ing paper or Dr. Cumberbatch's remarks upon it, but the subject is one which has

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diabetics, natives of Russia, amounted therefore to

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of tuberculosis, and the reaction is to be relied upon as

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which cause the obstetrician much anxiety, for as yet

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has persisted. This is not commonly found in cases of eczema

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it is of course not antagonistic to anything. Everybody knows of the magnificent building

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after meals, and which was relieved by food. The pain has continued to

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there is a higher, ohler rjuality of the red (hini'e (Intiphinc),

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limitation to 20 or 30 oz. of fluids a day, diminishes oedema,

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2. What do you understand by valence? Give the chemical symbol for five

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admits this ; the abandonment of various details of Listerism

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upper part of the chest, by sleeping too deeply and too long.

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flow being unattended b_v pain as a rule, though iu this

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the type of the disease was different from that of Q

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neuritis, and neuritis due to various infections and other causes. Lead

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— a fall of 28 per cent. The number of new cases on April 26 was 21

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throat is badly swollen, take i gallon shelled oats, pour boiling

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of age, and few recover from it. Hypostatic pneumonia is serious more

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di ottal,, Palermo, 1897-8, v, 383-:!97, 1 pi. — Baas (K.)

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prove that such collections are almost invariably the

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been confined to the liip, but on adniiHHioii there wau tbuiid a

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no means a frequent symptom of cirrhosis. This symptom is readily

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moderate cathartic. To the young animal a dose of castor or

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and he will be convinced that if the portraits are correct, the organ of

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