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purely agrici ltural districts, accidents of a very severe nature

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These appointments secured the continuous influence on

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rina. Sat-Sun. 12.5 hrs. $295. Contact: Cass Jones, Meeting Man-

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once a Babinski and Oppenheim on the right side only

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any venereal disease. He was a married man, but with-

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antitoxin treatment was begun by the Health Depart-

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<Mitions in the pustule of vaccination characteristic among this

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importance of the dietetic treatment of this class of

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be trne, I think it sufficient to prove the truth of his being a hater of

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was sent for April 17, at nine o'clock in the morning, to see Mrs. J., aged forty-

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results of my manipulation. After a few days the catheter was removed,

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tion during expiration. The only justifiable operation

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Henderson, Professor, an Inquiry into Homoeopathy, 416.

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Hsematozoon," Vet. Journ., Vols. XIII and XIV, 1881-1882.

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rous pupils, many of whom rank amongst the most eminent

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ft case of alteration (neurits), of the right cervical . plexus, and corresponding spinal

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possible to correct the failure of the stitched ten-

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in tropical medicine, has determined that the prize shall be

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The inflammation of the lung tissue in influenza is character-

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opening, but on other occasions, by searching with the finger,

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Department of Surgery - Duke University Medical Center

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though at the age of 71 he could not be, bodily, the

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