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vegetable substances containing them, mineral acids, iron salts, etc.
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showed areas of beginning bronchopneumonia. The right
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Treatment. — So long as there is heat of skin and firmness of
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fected places at any of our own ports. Inquiry has been
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exposed, it became evident that the knife had pierced the femoral
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but it would appear to be more prevalent towards the end of the
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we daily convince ourselves in cases of chlorosis in
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1883. xxiii, 153-186.— Souplet. L'epidgmie de fifevre ty-
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school-life to health, both in public and in private
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of the company speaks, and the deaf person can not only hear
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to congestive hjrpenemia and anaemia, and the explanation of the cor
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for these favors, we made some enquiries as to the most expedi-
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he had acquired sufficient self-control to resume his
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well that I use it to the exclusion of everything else. I think I hav^
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that he perished from the effects of chloroform. My own opinion was, that he
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tions of opium in full doses, quinine as a tonic, whisky or wine,
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whose use is probably more widespread than that of any
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been equaled, and, in the lapse of agqs, may possibly be long ere it be
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the serum treatment lit tie time to study results, compare notes, and do
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serum by specific precipitin (Friedberger) ; and by letting bacteria like
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(in 1878) brought before the same society a series of 500
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successful meetings in the other New England States, soon had effect
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pharynx. N. Eng. M. Month.', Bridgeport, 1886-7, vi, 250.
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kled on his forehead an instrument which glared like the head-
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ment was found to be a similar strip of periosteum, torn from
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History, “our psychological arrow of time,” moves along
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Gripe Tincture. Tincture of Pimento. Ground pimento 1 lb, rec-
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>' that the average duration of life in Swedf-n during the
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