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later, and was found to be exceedingly rich in trypanosomes, w^hich were
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de enfermos de fiebre amarilla y biliosa. Gac, de sanid,
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probably a living organism. The progress of the disease, its inoculability,
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ally and clinically, to occur with disturbances in the territory of the lowest part
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If the haemorrhage is situated in the cortex, it is very often
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to impede tlie respiration, we must not hesitate to pass a lancet freely
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time he came did not know him. He remained with us six days longer,
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used during pregnancy only il the potential benelit justifies the potential risk to the letus
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that where there is nothing strongly to affect the character of the woman, a
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the trachea and intended to open it, but by pulling it forward the
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tion which pointed to any remote connection between the
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— Madrit^ Monthly Journal, Fehnuiry— La Kepeneration du Cristallin
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collection of hardened faeces at that place, answers to the clinical pic-
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number of the patients there are Polish Jews, who, I think, are
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on occasions, more or less remiss in our duty in this respect and
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and 30 days, and in the remaining two cases 45 and 56 days. The mean
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suddenly. The heart did not previously flutter, grow
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stated that " the sole object of the meeting will be to express
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disease, or of the system generally, that spontaneous or casual discharges
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A Curious Case of Appendicitis ; with a Discussion of
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dicitis do exist, there may be others. And, in cer-
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rector, who addresses the dean, who apprises the Professor,
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Existence it must be called, for " life" it is not, unless
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and I have no doubt that in the examination he speaks of there was no hesitancy whatever
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brietly to my explanation of the mechanism by which
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anges from putrefaction, it would be unsafe to rely upon the appearances as
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"vatcr or ice, rather than by movements of the body, hj-p
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acrcrravated, or is even continued, after the first two or
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the presidency of Dr. F. B. Bishop, the local committee of
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vertebral distortions is convex toward the left, but a larger pro-
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formed in Germany, by Professor Graefe, as will be seen in
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pear. The cough is found to get worse and worse, in proportion to
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this disappeared completely in a few days. (' Brit, and For. Med. Rev.,' Oct.
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when severe local disturbances arise) by a firm, rigid infiltration of
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But we have yet to look at the hind part of the thorax. Here
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front of the ears, backs of the wrists, or backs of the
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adopted. If the uterine hypercongestion is secondary to ovarian neuralgia
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considerable size, still the patient had only been suffering from
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and a cathedral staff ; and the former, as weU as the members
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mothers who through various circumstances are unable to have a physician
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pains in the cavity of the ear, and deep in the head ; the tongue generally
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and successive lengths of tubing can be screwed on to reach
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tition, though impaired, was not altogether lost, and

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