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1893 Sansom, Arthur Ernest, M.D., 84, Harley Street, W. Trans. 1,

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Definition. — An acute inflammation of the pia mater

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July lith. He was much the same, but more exhausted, and very pallid ; the

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8. It po.s.sesses a complete sym))toniatology — slight

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brown, green, red, or black, according to the amount of blood and

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It is found, however, in practice almost impossible to overcome the craving

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this class of diseases. These causes are too numerous and varied to be

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The remainder of the record is clearer. Dr. W. W. Mayo, elected coroner in

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kind to them; don't be always reminding them of expenses ; do

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4. It mii-i p.>--f-- iiiL'li l\if tf I pii.pfiiif-.

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tation of weight was satisfactorily accounted for, and the theory

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Thickened flilk. — Take one pint of hot milk, stir into it a paste

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Manila lie will report to the commanding general, department

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but very little pus was discharged; one opening was made directly

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evidence more convincing shall appear, or until some better theory

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History of gonorrhoea, fifteen or sixteen years ago. Stricture

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abscess was opened by operation and one opened spon-

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moderate and continued use of glauber salts and diloride of sodiiim,

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tolerably strong shock, producing sparks, and decomposing

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were unable to keep him awake. At 9, his pulse was very feeble and rapid,

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Prognosis is closely allied to the question of permanent cure. In the

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addresses illustrate the curious proclivity of our professional orators to indulge

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water, as hot as possible, every fifteen minutes. It really seems as if

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carbolic or tar ointment may be applied. In some cases the cautious

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Dr. KoCHER relates, in the CorrespondenzUatt fur Schweizer Aerzte, Novem-

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wound which refuses to heal. The long hard strands come and go ;

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with few and simple convolutions in a very small proportion com-

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cannot imagine that spasmodic movements of the eyes or of the face bear to such

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12 grains of bihydrochloride of quinine in 12 c.c. of saline

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both wine and malt liquors— and, among the latter, more particularly porter

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dans les urines en cas de mort du foetus. Gaz. d. hop.,

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quite often the existence of other diseases. The author

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