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wards, pediatrics areas, and psychiatry floors, where they
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the corresponding hexon bases were ingested. Lowy and Neuberg
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General Anatomy, Vol. III. p. 53. — HaywarcTs Translation.
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tomy the diminution in the urobilin output was negligible, the difference
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There was slight protrusion of it into the nasopharynx, otherwise that part was
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id. The rarity of malignant tumors of the tonsils may be
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flammation in the gall-bladder, just as in the lung they
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symptoms subsided within twenty-four hours after the pure bromine had been
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tablets every four hours, at the same time increasing the alcohol
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When the variolous exanthem first appears the practitioner should
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was peeling so freely that while writing the letter she was obliged to shake the paper
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have no difficulty in recognising that all the sounds you hear may be
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of the liver, 1; congestion of the lung.s, 3; inflammation of the lungs, 17; marasmus,
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on persons in health, in regard to change of weight ; and also to the inves-
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indicating the component Society of which he is a member. When his
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Great Britain which can best advise us upon that subject. I
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haemoptysis, and the longer it lasts, the more pronounced the pleuritic
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that have had remittent fever, render it very probable that this form
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47. Primary Splenomegaly. — ^Three cases of enlarged
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OAving to the fact that contractions of a most severe nature existed
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sion to lend its aid to so-called theories of the source
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of A series is incorrectly given ; for instance, U is rendered as Y, Y taken
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at the base of the left side appears to me to be conclusively
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eral Practice, we are able to offer special teaching
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shop. Continuing Medical Education Associates at Grand Hotel,
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have nofeelingSj nor that they do not know when, and how much they
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paper, spoiled by critics, biographers, concerning her
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cussion upon Dr. Sutton's paper, participated in by Dr. TV. Tabor
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assault on another of Nature's tantalizing and well-
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so, we have endeavoured to place within the reach of as many

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