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hud seemed to him, might be due to the comjjressing effect on

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specific living germs are destroyed by this process. This shows conclu-

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Ear, nose and throat: Dr. Hill Hastings, Dr. C. R. K. Swetnam,

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— i. e., it is not enough that the analysis shall show the

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oommencemeot of that long series of observations, which ended in the important discovery of Sir Charles Bell, that

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hangings, the substitution of leather for plush in upholstery, the in-

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sertions; the rhomboids were next cut, and the latissimus dorsi divi;led

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proportionally very great, no country had left to military medicine such un-

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publications, recommended the intercalary thermal cure, that is to

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In a recent letter, written about one year since the

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but only to choose the fittest specimens to represent the kind of

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their neighboring woods and fields. The place their valued

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tolerably strong shock, producing sparks, and decomposing

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onstrated by Hoffmeier, who, in a series of over 200

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bone -was found fractured and depressed to the extent of two

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in the right side of the chest. 'There was marked dulness over

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thick, extending from within two or three inches of

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cases also in the joints and periosteum, exciting suppurative synovitis

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proper injurious operations are unavoidably quickened day by

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sympathies : the spasm invariably takes place towards evening, and the

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parts of the body. Aside from these there was an injury to the left hip.

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shadows cast by the normal lung structures; he must learn both the

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ogy, w r hich hardly existed as a positiv escience in Hahnemann's

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The President — The next paper we will hear is one on

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ated on the foetal side of the placenta and are most often

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ence of a distended bladder and an enlargement of the

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gin, and says that it was used by the Alexandrian school

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heart — hypertrophy, dilatation or valvular lesions

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known to have ulcers near the pylorus, the pain used to occur

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(3) Symptoms are similar to other inflammatory conditions of

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order to save the child, myomectomy was performed. The tumor

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that of anv inan, is due the success of these institutions. As is well

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patches, the only case in the whole epidemic of pneumonia occurring as a

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the varicella rash had disappeared, the mother observed

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and does not need re-foiming at ihe expense of the fluids of the economy, and,

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