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incidently with which the severity of the symptoms increase ;

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Ebers. In comparing line by line the hieroglyphs and the

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article from the facile pen of M. Alfred Binet, in which he

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1. There is not the slightest evidence of an absolute or

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up for the first few weeks or months. They can therefore live

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cyan alcohols united to a benzene nucleus, and this view is so

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exceptionitlly vigorous, the appendix, after removal, pro-

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avocations of life can be pursued without inconvenience ;

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munity by providing a Midwives Bill ; and, secondly, that

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previously. The patient in question had been tapped by him

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among the foremost in marking down the drinking water

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tions, vol. Iv., show that among 63 consumptive patients who

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forms of aiiannia. The researches of recent years, however,

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rich Balmer, of Leipzig, well known by his work on the

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experiment was of no consequence, for even jequirity, if given

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like a piece of nerve tissue. 1 have noticed the smaller worms meutionea

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ness on firm pressure, and considerable muscular resistance. The abdo-

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might be difbcult, or even impossible, to return it through a

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