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upon meaningless praise or who claimed credit beyond his due, and

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gated specialties, each addressing always its own set and cir-

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The tumor albus of Wiseman essentially consists of a tubercular

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Francisco, 17; Detroit, Mich., 10.56; Selnia, 30.43;

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symptoms, complications, and treatment of this condition. He

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saphati of Avicenna), too often the precursor of leprosy, is

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unhealthy sign, and the urine is hahitually of a paler hue.

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origin of cysts in the pancreas, mentioned a case in

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needed. Keep up the body heat, applying hot-water bottles to the

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which had been subsetjuently contirmed by the disease fully

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thus confirming the statements I have already made (p. 130, Yol. II.)

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negative variation of the muscular current is not a permanent one during permanent con-

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suria, and the discovery in the stools of concretions con-

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muscles ceased, and in about half an hour regular and easy respira-

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between the degrees of toxicity of the urines and the quantities of potassium

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three therapeutical indications in which the mineral remedies

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present bloody mucous diarrhea, intense nausea, and severe prostration. Calomel was

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of pregnancy as abnormal, may give rise to confusion. The continuance

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Under such supervision we have no hesitation in saying that

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ventitia, with atrophy and disappearance of the muscular

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placed in the results obtained from cultivating the

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the cerebellar arteries are attacked by obliterative endarteritis in some

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same time, had very severe fever, and recovered with diffi-

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(116 pages, 200 illustrations) furnished gratis on application and

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force of the fall ejected two of the tacks from his

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to translate two cases from Bernheimn's Clinique Medicate^ page

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the results are quite different if these same organs are concerned in

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new bodies, each of which will have a special action on

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mittee recommended approval if finances were avail-

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derangement the stomach contents should be examined by means

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meet your approval, The Wisconsin Medical Journal Company stands ready

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But one sample examined by Hammarsten contained 3'088 of fat.

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