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Naturally, and very properly, the author combats these con-
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der at all ; and if the sacculation be behind the muscles of
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and other chemicals, and the action of numerous bacteria. It is a
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parturient canal, thus laying chief emphasis on objective anti-
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ed to any certain portion of this membrane; for every and each
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alveolus the corpuscle often increases in size, an effect due, no doubt,
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By means of another instrument for clinical observation, namely, the
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Censors. — Northern district, Drs. George W. Little, Fort Edward ;
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37. Pain may be caused by the penetration of a sharp foreign
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without. A diet not too bulky nor the reverse, suffi-
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autopsy, I found that the brain and its membranes looked healthy, except
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pay him one hundred French crowns if hje elfiscted a cure, but finding
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say, those cases were just as much pneumonia as other cases which
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cartilage is split. I urged the desirability of this precaution
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have been proposed; but their action is too uncertain, and effects many
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than fifteen or twenty years ago. On comparing my case books
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the amount of urine, the specific gravity, and quantity of sugar.
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phlebitis and thrombus of neighboring veins, especially of the anterior
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" The present method of standardizing the antimeningitic serum as gener-
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Chaining Cross Hospital on the 4th instant, a letter
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ing, and with or without pain or dilation, progressive emacia-
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the male and the female. The female has two ovaries, one on each
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the opinions expressed in the book itself, but which will prove a more
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polar invagination of the nucleus, but above all in the marked degree
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(average 36 per cent.), and, being volatile, there is a certain loss if
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normal valvular insufficiency on the right side and with perfectly closing
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The results of the bacteriological examination of the water of the pallial
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inguinal hernia, on the right side, for nine months. It came on in
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one in question. And that this is not a mere specu-
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J. G. Adami, Montreal ; address in medicine, Geo. Wilkins, Montreal ;
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tirely to the stronger heart-beat, and that there was no actual increase in ar-
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closed at the operation, was found to be situated a little over
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son to believe similar conditions obtain, from the report of an
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If this definition of malignancy is correct, it would seem that there could

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