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syphilis in two soldiers, but ascertained that in obtaining the
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somewhat delirious in the afternoon and by the general anesthetic, either ether dr
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remote pains, which constitute the reflex neuralgias. 2. Eeflex
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(Cases 2 and 3) may have tuberculous in- grippe and a swollen left knee. The left
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fiable because a number of well-authenti- (2) at the present day, in private practice,
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as Dr. Prevost pointed out to me, there were three fatal cases
is flonase nasal spray safe during pregnancy
correct. And as regards the amount of urea in the urine, he is
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the army, which was felt by every man in ever held its torch upon its pathway. Be-
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To effect this, however, considerable (loses Avere requisite,
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been stated that the lesions following wound infections may be
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to provide or create conditions which will otherwise be infected as the result of the
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manner, for the 24 hours, just five times as much as half a drop-
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. u. t. e pa^t ., .*= year. puL.e.u nas ^^.^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ enlarged and
flonase nasal spray safe during pregnancy
both by macroscopical and microscopical there by vaginal tumpon. Of course all
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ed is the education of our boys and young ease, every male child should be circum-
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most of whorn clearly presented light, me- post-mortem appearances.
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amelioration ensues, which is followed by a relapse on its discon-
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these break down into the contents with which they are carried
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taken place in the appendix such as partial ly to occur within twenty-four to thirty-six
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primaril}' to the gradual overdistention of the tissue by leuco-
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not known—has long been needed not only by the students
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this genus. This causes a change of the generic name from
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wine and camphor, is a useful aid to the antiseptic treatment,
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3. Gary. Glanders. Bulletin No. jj. Ala. Agr. Expt. Station 0/
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coxse. There is, however, no pain on pressure, or on striking
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blondes than in brunettes. corresponding to the more general use of
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In my former investigations I have proved quinine to possess
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elimination, and preventing the accumulation of those poisons
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Indolence and indifference are two char- and destroys ideals of professional life."
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taken place after a lapse of five months, of the preparation can be utilized thera-
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involved, the whole of the tissues between the skin and the

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