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of the rigor, they will not succeed in cutting short the fever. A few
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closely correlated with the hemolytic and fermentation reactions
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marked example of icterus vu-idis, in a negro patient, who was attacked
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had prompted a radical operation. He had little doubt that infection had
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was not Asiatic and not contagious. M. Fauvel's views
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posed measure would be very trifling. The registrars
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earlier period of their development ; and he considers that this
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paroxysms, which are perpetuating the irritation. Since, however, as
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temal malleolus, in a straight or slightly curved line, to
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notification for infectious diseases some ten years before any
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wholly untainted by syphilis." Also Hule 3i: " The chancres which
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laparotomy. The uterus and ovaries were quite firmly adhered to the
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vated in America for its medicinal properties. See illustration.
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was taken daily for a very long period ; in the case of the young
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spell of crying. There is also tenderness of the chest-
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progressive muscular atrophy or hypertrophy has been described, as above
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ferent stages of the same process. However, he considers both types as caused
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: menstruation was only regularly established afterwards. (' Lancet,' February
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material poured out of the capillaries shall, in some part
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strychnin. Find out what the condition of the patient is ; if he is going down
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parations of copper, zinc, and lead, are also spoken of as re-
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the twenty-four weeks ending with Saturday, June 19, the death-
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change on occasion. Check with the sponsoring institution for
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usually a progressive disease, and that the diseased
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persons suffering from diabetes. The State Board of

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