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our friends and fellow citizens are depending upon our

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primary growths, since multiple primary carcinomata do occur in the

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The strength must be at the same time supported ; and, to

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have ever varying modifications in kind and in degree, so in turn

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■of the Association at the Medical Club on the 2Sth ult., the

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case death from pneumonia occurred fourteen days after the operation.

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Sc., 1890-91, ii, 303.— Marchiafava (E.) & Bi«nanii

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vidual's plasma. It is advisable, therefore, in carrying out the direct

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factory nerve, the filaments of which are spread over the outer

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author's pupils it must be peculiarly valuable, as enabling them

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as about 1 to 10 respectively, among her school children.

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in some respects defective, and numerous proposals have

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water. At the Stafford Winter Assizes, 1859 (Reg. v. Hill), a man was

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really cares for his patients and develops a trusting

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and measured only the expiration through the mouth-piece as

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very small quantity of whey-coloured fluid. There was no un-

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and its conditions ; the Identity of Bones, Skeletons,

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should sleep in a tent, well floored. If he is confined

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consisted chiefly in an enormous hypertrophy of the skin of

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again. Once more put the block into the only hole into which

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of its repetition, even in those cases where it is still

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nothing but distress result from temporizing. An interesting point

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was usually supposed, the vessels being long and tortuous,

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festation of the disease, and in whom the most thorough

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[Reprinted from The Journal of Experimental Medicine, January 1, 1919, Vol. xxix,

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boiled with a strong base, the latter displaces the water in its com-

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more times during the various experiments. Some cats showed it

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cvcle have been made bv auscultation of the heart sounds. Donders 3 investi-

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of the bromide of potassium. It is more pleasant to the taste, and does not

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obstructed vessel. Excess of white globules (leukaemia) favors

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the practitioner of to-day. and in this soil left unculti-

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