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fectly definite crystals of each alkaloid being obtainable; but the imper-

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they attempted, and, with shame I say it, succeeded, in too many instances, in

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lity, being also the exploiter of a "cure" for failing sight

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within the current century, has, with the exception of two periods, been

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ment of pernicious anemia by long-continued colon irri-

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The forms of organic change in the eye which occur with

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need, in addition to 245 staff people now available,

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to keep the system toned up — and fresh air means cool

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describes the post-mortem examination, the principal appear-

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German labourers, who, with tneir famiUes, had arrived from Galatz,

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separated edges of the lip in contact, and kept them so in a perfect manner.

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aspect, somewhat similar to tubercular syphUide. The last case

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this affection to be sympathetic. After enucleation the case pro-

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period, like the eruptive fevers. It appears also that the disease

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about the same relation to German that Lowland Scotch does

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ness, shortness of breath, palpation, and the feel-

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