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Excessirc icnsfc is the exciting cause when it is due to ])roloiiged licnior-

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Osteopathic Treatment. — The object of the treatment is to relax

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are liable to urethral inflammations. Plastic operations may do some

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shall have progressed for several days, attended by severe symptoms of in-

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Deflection of the Septum occurs as a congenital malformation, or is

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be restlessness, a dry tongue, and, very soon after the appearance of

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Hemorrhage is frequent in cancer, and does not often occur with stricture

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which begins shortly after the second sound of the heart, and continues

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of the tissues at the time gangrene occurs. In dry gangrene there is

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to five days. The period of glandular enlargement continues until about

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may be fibroid contraction and calcareous degen- "" ^°°"

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mention should be made of the particular method of its staining, which

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be kept open with a bougie, to prevent union of the sides.

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mucous surfaces of the gums and cheeks, there appear small yesicle-like

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rarely, if ever, perforate. Another result is the formation of a fistula

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come the micro-organisms they crowd into the inflamed area

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cci^es the absorption of pus may lead to multiple abscess formation and

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' Many theories have been advanced in regard to the pathogenesis of gastric ulcers ; the fcllowing are

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