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less i)eriodieity. The condition must commonly, however, be regarde<l as
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deeply paralysed in all four limbs : she lay motionless, but the move-
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sible to present a just idea by any abstract, proper to be gi^en
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It will be observed that the part of the dress below the
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negative result. Patient had been subjected to all possible sorts of
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also be employed, particularly when subcutaneous therapy is advisable.
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long foreground and thereby hangs a tale. In his Mutter lecture
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We will omit at first critical examination of the external geni-
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marked signs, rendering the diagnosis sufficiently easy and positive. The
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A previously healthy child su(hlenly develoi)ed hemiplegia!
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experience led to abscess formation. Disease of the
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causes of death. Many of the cases which are investigated
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tion. We may suppose, in seeking to explain them, that the weak
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after its appearance, and is not observed again for a
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stances for staining are magenta red, hsematoxylin, and methylene
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American producers have taken the initiative in every improve-
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1854-94. J. Am. M. Ass, Chicago, 1894, xxiii, 885; 942;
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Although Dr- Jjhaw served for many years after resign-
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pendulous, %-arying in size between a large pin's head and a
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very little of Germany as long as it was understood that
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means of a roller and compresses carefully adjusted at every dress-
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while, in order to regain strength. The Banting diet pre-
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had proved fatal, and the two men had been shown to have quarrelled pre-
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np ever since, the vomiting I'eturning at intervals of three or
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cation of the disease itself by blood-letting, local and general, and by
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Gutierrez y Arango (D,) Los micro-organi,sraos de la
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factor in climate. Besidence on a damp soil has a tendency to produce
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" I desire to say to you, then, that I can give no credit to the
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tion is obscure, some cases, I believe, being due to distension of the walls of
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from luxation. 2. Asfymmetiyof the lens, due either to un
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admitted to a hospital, depends more upon the rest |
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which the more unfavourable conclusion had been arrived at. It is with refer-
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would swim, and he had sensation of choking, and flushed face. He
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Goldbloom RB, Lawrence RS, eds. Preventing Disease: Beyond
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unable to use their awards, there were actually at work only 54
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to form the portio mollis, which has its superficial origin at the posterior
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the dressing as seldom as possible (permanent dressing).
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Cases 5 and 25. — There is possible connexion between these two

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