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which of the above titles is taken; the ond representing

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blistering. The first applications were followed by a marked relief of the

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tury. It is interesting to note that some of the work

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As this appeal, which was reported by the editor of this journal, embraces

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a vesication as can be expected in as many hours from the best Spanish

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bles that of the quarterly medical journals in general, and its whole appear-

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faculty upon the corporation of the university. Dr. William

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entirely well. This case is not entered cured in the summary.

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Tumor of the Cerebellum In a Boy of Seven Years. S. Rush

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tality of eight. Smallpox has broken out at the Topeka Insane

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companied by pericardial adhesion with recurring asystolia.

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is pathognomonic. The diagnosis is one of probability

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ation, that the pathologist and therapeutist should carefully peruse and

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if they are evident to close observers, they are much

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far more stable in solution than cocain hydrochlorate. He

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Casb B. — Operator. Hazy, 1886-91. Duration, 18 months: lorn-

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knows, is original with Dr. J. Wilson Shiels, of San Francisco.

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man, eonsulting physician; Dr. Charles W. Norris, consultant

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time paraplegia has developed there are secondary tuber-

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coald be extended considerably, but I will close the list

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or non-believers in hydrophobia, and it is gratifying

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medical and military matters. The attempt to fasten the re-

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stercoral fistula. The disadvantages of the small intestine

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resting to know what proportion of cases terminate in this way, but unfor-

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by various competent authorities at the Army Medical

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bearing on drug standardization, as the latter depends

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lotted to this paper to do anything more than merely

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sumed in restoring her from syncope. After this, with the exception of

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Nothing was observable in the colon ; the appendix was found disorganised

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glass upon the nasal and nasopharyngeal membrane and the

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it to act whenever cholera, yellow fever, or other contagious

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questions that obtrude themselves for consideration.

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life, and in eclampsia the patient is safer in the vapor

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obvious, that if we interrupt the current in the vein in a greater degree than

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from the operator, in spite of the many automatic additions. It

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