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determined by, mental conditions relating to education.

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Karion. Through my old cloak; for, by Zeus, it had holes not

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Dr. Watson rightly considers that one of the chief obstacles in

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frequently. It appears to me that a considerable proportion of the cases of

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which appear to me to justify a measure which is some-

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internal ear with especial frequency. [End of editorial insert.]

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countenance was anxious, and the eyes sunken. Pulse

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the same appearances which she thinks she beholds on herself, and per-

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ing Dr. Sims' method to its logical conclusion. Instead

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fibroid. On the occasion of the reading of the paper, people

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of the hand to the wrist and finish with a circular turn about the

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orrhagia began clearly at a time when the patient was

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cent formaldehyde no pancreatic digestion of fibrin occurs in twenty-

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it can scarci'ly l>e <alled such, and tliat is hemorrhage

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must be subject to her manipulations, in alembics specially pre-

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in human beings. Bezangon and Griffin found that the blood serum

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first indicated. Then stricture of the urethra was a stum-

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(a) arising during attempt at voluntary movement, and consisting of

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of the peritoneum may also occur, and contain both eggs and

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of the local boards of health in the State ; a pamphlet on the

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use of the flat whale-bofte sound. In its use the index finger of the

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and olive oil. Dissolve the resorcin in absolute al-

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and compendious in its form and compass, and so always manage-

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(Bob) Safford, MD, Chairman, COMPAC Board, and William Doig MD. If they didn’t call you, you’re welcome to call

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The importance of this branch of chemical science to the

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Years ago those who practised in England did not need any

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nevertheless frequently complained of coldness of the extremities.

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bined nutritional and circulatory lesions, especially of the

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exhilarating fountains of Saratoga. Another suggestion which I wish to

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EAST: Saul G. Hornik, Aries Advertising Representatives, 12 Court Street, Freehold, NJ 07728 • (201) 972-1911/462-7422

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maximum intensity at a time when pleurisy on the right side is

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plague; it is the peculiar feature of the epidemic or spasmodic

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