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cially to other pathologic conditions in the patient. This woman

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when jaundice exists. Bilirubin may be found; likewise albumin.

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condition was found to be the same. In consultation with

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hsematometra, pyometra, and hydrometra — is attended by uterine colic,

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creased strength, is a very rare pathologic condition. It occurs, how-

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Combined Qualities of the Individual Pulse. We have a number

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reaction for acetone, and Professor Engle found a daily excretion of

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sterile broth. If time allows subsequent inoculation of

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onward niarch of physiological research. A long-accepted error is herein ex-

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of Surgery last, the names of both of these distinguished men

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the circumstances of the disease had rendered it probable

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of N;w England we know it to be almost impossible for

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uterine canal somewhat enlarged, and about 4 inches in length. A piece of the vaginal

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tates to make a diagnosis of exophthalmic goiter in the absence

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stage of the disease. I had about fifteen or sixteen of my nurses

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to have been an exciting cause, at other times to be but a

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After his graduation he married Miss Esther Savage of Phila-

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in number than in health. The term plethora is only applicable to an

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The Stomach Contents. Vomiting is the exception. When it occurs,

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who had made mistakes were shown their errors they then all easily

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diminution in the death-rate ; and that of this diminu-

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onward niarch of physiological research. A long-accepted error is herein ex-

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thin edge of the organ, and occupying in part the notch for the round

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a, 13, y) can perform the six degree-of-freedom coordinate transformation in the working

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accumulate with empirical rapidity." ''This complexity of formul©

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Hcmiplegia may be developed suddenly or more or less gradually. In

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and reconstructed on modern lines. I believe there is every

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refused operative interference. He was 50 years old, and the

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in scrofulous children ; ffth, in persons who, although they may

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so that one disease may be separated from others which it may

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Opium, F. 11, 12, 13, 27, 108, 114, 117, 127, 134, 130, 148, 165,

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The Lymphatic Vessels. — Herr Langer has published

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Whatever success Dr. Lewis has attain- '" men above forty years of age, who

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