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and distressing vomiting, obstinate constipation of the bowels, and general
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in one who had never been out of Oreat Britain, but had been
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and more dry, whiteoak and hickory, and occasionally dense cane-brakes
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lungs, with the exception of a few cases in which scattered tubercles were
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experienced by encampments or ships at anchor. In the choice of resi-
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be sufficient evidence to support the claim of the husband to the right of
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seemed to me prudent to embrace a considerable depth of soft parts in the liga-
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the same result happens, whether the salt be allowed to act in greater or
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of the iris. The patient, a young man 30 years of age, is completely amaurotic
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pick wrapped with cotton moistened with tincture of
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young lady in her first labour. She had a very lon^ and unyielding
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others it seemed evident that meat in fairly sizable
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1841,] Forry on the Endemic Influences of the United States. 321
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lular tissues of dogs, is absorbed and carried into all the organs of the ani-
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he holds as to the great importance of the lesions for the cor-
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1. That the proportion of cases in which vaccination failed, compared with
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the pneumogastric nerve- — to explain this. But in lesions
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foul air, chronic catarrh of the nost or throat, adenoids,
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and fibrillee ; two systems differing from one another in their
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of the plan proposed by Dr. Parr, namely, the appointment of a re-
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late the danger. Mr. Hutchinson thinks that permanent com-
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parietal myoma and the polypus. In the case of the former,
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sents it to the criticism of his brethren at home. Unfortunately,
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cross sensitivities to xalatan
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must take place during a season of the character described. It
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case of true hsemorrhagic diathesis. The patient, a boy aged
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overpowering pain or contraction which prevents him
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was cupped from the temples and upper parts of the spine, and an enema
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arrested (only lessened) during sleep ; and ako that the acid per-
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founded, and other facts, three especially : 1st. That the fluid
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hospital with an abundant eruption. The plaster of Vigo cum rnercuriof was
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enable two fingers to be introduced. After recovery from the
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soon grow enthusiastic over their newly acquired im-
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that to overcome this spasm, reaction supervenes, unless the vital energy be
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more or less poisonous influence on persons exposed to uiis atmo-
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slight physical or mental effort, and various fears or
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volumes befdMre us. In Br. Maudsley's treatise the consideration
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is also gradual, by easy stages, the blood adjusts itself to
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the vein does not constantly exist, but that the affection may be produced either
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Louis granting that such is the case, asks, very pertinently, "how can we ad-
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Eskimos brought to the Pan-American Exposition in J
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On Double Facial Paralysis. By Dr. Pierreson. Arch, de Mede-
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Dr. Fayrer opens his volume with an address delivered before
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uteri and a portion of the posterior surface of the bladder, is
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The details of the process are thus given: — The whole of the acid is to
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that^ at a certain depth beneath the surface^ these pouches are
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The diseased eye is usually of uncomely aspect, and the sub-
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teorology that we find neglected in it. The illustrative wood-
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