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medical jurist must have a thorough knowledge of his pro-
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likely is traffic to be diverted to less wakeful harbours, and
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been a solution of carbolic acid, and this has beett
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aside. This is one of the main reasons why the University
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that complaint. When empyema is of the perforating variety
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Brighton; whooping-cough in Leicester and Bolton; and "fever" in
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the papers were read, renders it unnecessary to refer to any of
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Dr. Arihue Hall, Mr. Wightman, Dr. !Martin, and jMr. Dale
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27, Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol: A. S. Percival, M.B.,
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Lucas, Beckwitli, Ind, Sturgess, AVainwright, Hunt, Shep-
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of the officer inspecting the ship— who, by the way, so I was
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and physiology on several of these points are wanting.
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. them ; but before proceeding to this part of the story, I will
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Crossness during 18.»2, has readied the enormous total of 53,038,561,081
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application for the Professorship of Anatomy, as it lias been
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that is now going the rounds of the press is a particularly
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Mr. A. H. Allen, the borougli analyst, read an interesting
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if their dead bodies only be injected. Thus I have been
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have a copy of it before the trial of the inquiry, and they also decided
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to the reply of the Council to a statement to the Privy Coun-
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the declaration of Herbert Milton that he would make over ta
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into lecithin and neurin, and thus give rise to gastro-
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persons with not more than two bedrooms ; yet because there
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Surgeon-Captain \V. Coates, Bengal Establishment, Ist Class Offici-
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provement is often noticed to follow the loss of blood. But
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yellow in colour, and finally granular, short rays radiating
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Medical Society, aged 55; Dr. WoliT Cohn, formerly a dia-
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by a visit to some foreign spa. I must confess that I prefer
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3. Of atrophy of the thyroid in childhood I have seen two
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in all. The lesions produced by these parasites are distinctly
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■contributed by members in subscriptions, etc., and 70,000
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The question of medical attendance in the Gold Coast Colony requires
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sioners, it is urged, have fallen into error in asserting that
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was also able to obtain a knowledge of the case as to whether
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from October 24tli, 1892. He was appointed Assistant-Surgeon October 8th,
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