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muscular systems by the circulation of dark-coloured blood. A case in
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of the patient to produce anaesthesia during the ex-
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1809. pp. 177, 4to. and a pocket edition, pp. 156, 12mo.
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accordingly. Thus in certain cases there is paralysis of
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made of the subject or subjects passed, and the Candidate shall be exempt
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by Striimpell, in which disseminate sclerosis was accompanied by central
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stant accumulation of polymorphonuclear leucocytes and by means of fusion with
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swelling^ or tumours whi<^h appeared successively on back^ ^
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inferior houses have a supply on Sundays. " The time the
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would not come out,' so her door was not locked. The
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who resided in the service unit but who sought prenatal care
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In several localities of the Weser marsh (Kreis Achim), which, on
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of life, and about equally common during the second year ; but at ages
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sengers intended for Manila, were taken on board, together with pro-
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roads, and good schools. Should be a good chance for
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versus time after ingestion. Phenytoin concentrations are expressed
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the poison would have already entered, and be on its course towards
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In a few State-supported observatories continuous graphic representations of
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April Jfth. — Esophoria 1°, abduction 2°, adduction 14°.
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the extensive violence from the accident (a railway accident), and there is but
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mur. Hydr. 1 1-2 gr. Pulv, Opii 1-2 gr. every four hours,
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and does not guarantee the recovery of the mother. Neither
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Medical Sciences. Gaillard's Medical Journal. Half- Yearly Compendium of Medical
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the latter, when infused, gives the water the clear, deep red of
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fore it ought to be opened in such a manner, that the wound may resemble the
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stretched apart to the furthest possible extent, while others are as strongly
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phlegmatic and melancholic, as well as the nervous and
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symptom. A lesion of the nucleus itself produces loss of conjugate deviation
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of Temperature associatcl with Vegetations on Jlilial \':tln' and In-
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Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the
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ordinary cases the temperature is normal, and the gastro-intestinal, renal,
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chocolate color from the presence of blood, or it may
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inflammation favors a determination of blood to tiat part
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vacdnation in five hundred recruits. In these cases, where I had pe^
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prise us, when we consider how little control cathartics can exert

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