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the source of infection. He also reported a case of chronic interstitial

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associated with hydatids of the liver or other organs. They are said to

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not quite complete, and the range of movement of the left eye

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under the same experimental conditions as the normal and arthritic

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advised for patients with suspected acetabular fracture, it

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humidity is not low. The climate pre-eminently needed for tuber^

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^ St. Petersburger mediclnische wochenschrift, 1903, xxvill, 115.

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cranium and spinal column of a young alligator, and applied Prussic Acid of the same strength

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lishing house owns a dollar's worth of stock of our company,

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or senility, separately or combined, produced this ej)idemic,

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l^ndlam. Vesico-vaginal fistula. Clinique, Chicago,

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Resident Physician and iZurgeon Panama, Railroad Co. at Colon ( Aspinwall,) Isthmus of

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.skokroppeiis iiifektion vid alidnniiiial-tviiliiis.

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I was able to make with the hand had do effect; so that I came to the

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have happened in one case in which Dr. Waldo employed it. May

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succeeded him, and they have been numerous, contented themselves

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quotes a judgment which acquitted a surgeon who was accused

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Daily clinics from 9 a, m. to 6 p. m. in the same building. Laboratory courses in Gross and

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dall Bates, Captain Argue, Captain McKillip, Captain Frank

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in several cases from the use of this treatment, [d.l.e.]

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features of which is a tendency rapidly to intoxicate the system. In an exceed-

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rough puncture or two, at the utmost, suffices, and should be made as soon as

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Naturalbirthsininototal births 4 31 21-20 15-42 4961

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have been longest resident in the country have these slight attacks. The

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much nutriment ; and she was gradually worn down by the

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granted by orders No. 52, Ft. Myers, Va. , November 24, is

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