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Dr. Shannon was not married. In politics, in which he took

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How much longer these men might have lived without tobacco, it is

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fully made blood examinations. This is not surprising

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memory of the boyhood farm, of a widowed mother, and with the

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Ca2cses. — From a severe sprain of the leg, by slipping out-

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^But I was now able to investigate more carefully. The

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On admission the patient was exceedingly weak and pros-

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always been rather in excess of those of other less favoured

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issue temporary educational certificates to foreign

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want to take what we gave her for a sufficient length of

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solution to wash out the iodoform. After a fortnight this was

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There was also an alteration in the tone and form of the

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copy of the reports to be transmitted to each of the

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which dealt with the heating power of the current, more

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celok. lek., Beograd, 1898, iv, 9-11.— Pilcher. Angioma

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the mast cell with the formation of mucin. This presupposes the

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The vital importance of moral character and individual

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valgus is liable to follow during growth of the limb. The period

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excavated suitable to the impression of the articular surface : a

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water to a cold part, that the secondary and more permanent

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abscesses the bacteria may have died out, but a proportion of even the

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purified sewage into a body of water. It not infrequently happens that

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9 years suffered from obstipation. The difficulty had grad-

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measles the probability of saving the eye is very slight.

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Lymphatic vessels pass into the mediastinum, and also

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explain the high, narrow hard palate which is so fre-

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periodic virtues. These are so certain and uniform in

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